What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a document that is collectively created and maintained. Anyone can edit a wiki. This feature seems to evoke a sense of responsibility and seriousness among most Internet surfers. It’s a great way to involve users in a site, allowing the users to build something useful for everyone.

Surprisingly, there were few problems with people abusing wiki. Because modifications are both easy and expected, there’s no challenge to “breaking” and defacing a page. And that same ease of modification allows anyone to rollback a modification if someone does deface a page.

Wikis were originally created in 1995 by Oregon programmer Ward Cunningham. Cunningham named the term wiki for the “wiki wiki” or “quick” shuttle buses at Honolulu Airport.

Also, Check out the definition at WikiPedia to find out more.

Why does this site use Wiki software?

Wikis are being used more and more these days to provide documentation for software, as they inherently allow all users of the software to contribute to the documentation. This site uses DokuWiki because it’s tailored to documenting software.

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