What is a Wenching?

A wenching is an annoying newbie. They come to the forums or IRC and gives everyone a headache. Usually one becomes a wenching by asking a lot of questions in the IRC or forums. These questions are usually ones that are asked a lot, answered a lot, common sense, annoying, easy to get the answer to, or just plain stupid. Sometimes a wenching tries a multi post attack by posting the same thing in many forum sections. Other attacks may consist of flooding the IRC with this nonsense or constantly private messaging users through IRC and the forums.

What would a Wenching say?

A few common wenching sayings.

  • How do I make a game?
  • How do I use TV3D?
  • When will 6.5 be released?
  • Im making a MMORPG or a game of the year.
  • What is a wenching?
  • Can you code for me?
  • Make TV3D open source.
  • What language should I use?

What is the terms origin?

The term was born after a member named Wenching joined the community. Wenching wasnt such a bad guy. However he managed to rack up an insane amount of posts in such a short time and gained the forum title TV3D Master. The only problem was about 95% of his posts were questions. The funny part of this is that GoodVillain’s 95% of his posts were flaming. *cough*

What do I do if I encounter a Wenching?

You ignore him when he’s being annoying, and try to help him as much as you would any other member when he’s not. Maybe he’ll actually learn to use the engine after being told for the umpteenth time how to move a mesh. Maybe he won’t. But it’s not up to you to judge. If you feel you will react harshly, then ignore him. Simple as that. Chances are, flaming him won’t do anything but piss off the admins anyway, so why bother?

What do I do if I am a Wenching?

Try to understand that the community can get annoyed by simple questions. It’s not that we hate you... but we hate answering questions that have been answered a million times, and are posted in countless places to help you. Here’s some tips on not getting flamed:

  • Use the search button on the forums before asking the same question we’ve been asked a million times.
  • If you can’t find the answer to the question when you search, post a new thread on the forums. Ask in an intelligent manner how to solve your problem, posting source code when neccisary. Be sure to give as many details regarding your problem (not your game) as possible. Hopefully someone will reply poitively.
  • If you get flamed, which you might, DON’T react back with the same attitude. This is only stooping to the flamers level. Instead, ignore it and go about your business. Pretend like the flame post isn’t even there. Like you don’t even know who flamed you.
  • If all else fails, and you can’t get the info you need on the forums, come on to one(both) of the IRC channels. DON’T start private messaging the users on the chat line, as they don’t like this, and will start bugging the OPS to kick you!!! Instead, ask your question in a detailled, inteligent manner. If none of the other members on IRC are willing to help you, Sylvain, darqSHADOW, Arli, or Puppy will usually step in and personally help you out.
  • And last but not least, and this applies to the forums AND IRC: Don’t try flaming us before we’ve had a chance to flame you, or you’ll most likely be forced out of the community. This HAS happened before, and it will most likely happen again if you come in with both guns drawn.

Other than that, just don’t let the other members get to you. They forget what it was like to be new to programming, new to TV, new to the internet, IRC, Forums, or even new to life.

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