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VB.NET SwitchFullscreen(iWidth As Integer , iHeight As Integer , iBPP As Integer , eDepthBufferFormat As CONST_TV_DEPTHBUFFERFORMAT , hOptionalNewHandle As IntPtr) As Boolean
C++ bool SwitchFullscreen(int iWidth , int iHeight , int iBPP , cCONST_TV_DEPTHBUFFERFORMAT eDepthBufferFormat , cIntPtr hOptionalNewHandle)


iWidthNoiWidth description
iHeightNoiHeight description
iBPPYesiBPP description
eDepthBufferFormatYeseDepthBufferFormat description
hOptionalNewHandleYeshOptionalNewHandle description


Boolean Returns whether the switch to Fullscreen was successful.


ExampleBasic example.


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Switching to Fullscreen mode requires that the previous render target was a Form. The switch will fail if for example having rendered in a Label or a PictureBox. A trick is to create a new form on the fly, make it visible, and then pass it’s handle as the optional handle parameter in SwitchFullscreen. Then TV3D will use that form, and DirectX will expand it to a fullscreen thingy. Upon a possible return back to windowed mode, one can pass the handle of the original Label/Picturebox/etc as last argument (optional handle) in SwitchWindowed.

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