TVEngine.Initialize( Hwnd As Long, Windowed As Boolean, gamma As Single)

Arguments :

1. Hwnd (Optional, value = 0)- Window Handle that is used for rendering (in windowed or fullscreen). Use 0 if you want to use the internal form of TV.

2. Windowed (Optional, value = True)- Decides if the engine must be initialized in fullscreen or windowed (overwritten by the Driver Dialog options).

3. Gamma (Optional, value = 0)- Gamma factor (luminosity/gamma : 1 = default, greater is brighter).

Returns :

1. Boolean- Returns True if the engine has been correctly initialized, False if there was a problem (check then the debug file to see what’s wrong).

Code Sample :

Initialize the engine.

This works in Visual Basic

TV.Initialize Form1.Hwnd, True, 1

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