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This is the base class of the TrueVision3D game engine. You must instanciate this class before performing any other operations.


  • DisplayFPS - Show number of frames per seconds in the top left of the viewport.


  • AccurateTimeElapsed - Gets the delay between the last frame render and this frame render.
  • AddToDebug - Adds a user string to the debug file generated by the engine.
  • Clear - Clears the backbuffer/screen and starts new frame.
  • ClosePAKFile - Closes all opened PAK files.
  • Console - Decides if the engine must display some generation/progress information on the screen.
  • CreateViewport - Creates a new viewport.
  • EnableAntialising - Enables/Disables the antialiasing affect.
  • EnableHardwareTLEnables/Disables the use of Hardware T&L (Transform & Lighting)
  • EnableShaders - Enables/Disables the use of vertex shaders in the engine.
  • ExtractFromPAK - Extracts a file from an opened PAK file.
  • GetCamera - Returns the current camera object.
  • GetDLLPath - Returns the path of the current Truevision3D.DLL that is being used.
  • GetDriverSettings
  • GetEngineVersion - Returns the version of the engine dll (Truevision3D.DLL ).
  • GetFPS - Returns the number of frames per second.
  • GetRasterStatus - Returns the status of the rasterizer. Actually returns the state of the monitor.
  • GetUtilityDllVersion - Returns the version of the utility dll (TVUTIL32.DLL).
  • GetVideoMode - Gets the values of the video mode currently used by the engine.
  • GetViewport - Returns the current viewport object.
  • HasFocus - Returns true if the rendering window has focus (is active).
  • Init3DFullscreen - Initializes the engine in fullscreen mode.
  • Init3DWindowedMode - Initializes the engine in windowed mode.
  • Initialize - Initializes the engine with the selected mode/parameters (in the Driver Dialog).
  • IsWindowed - Returns true if the engine is in windowed mode and false if the engine is in fullscreen mode.
  • OpenPAKFile - Opens a PAK file (archive file) and get the engine ready to read from it.
  • Pause - Makes the computer “sleep” for the specified delay.
  • ReleaseAll
  • RenderToOtherHwnd - Acts like RenderToScreen but it renders to another window.
  • RenderToScreen - Display everything that was drawn to the screen.
  • ResizeDevice - Resizes the engine back buffer according to the client size of the rendering window.
  • ResizeFullscreen - Switches to fullscreen and changes to the specified video mode.
  • ScreenShot - Takes a screenshot of what is currently being drawn on the screen.
  • SetAngleSystem - Changes the angle system used by the engine.
  • SetCamera - Apply a new camera object to the current viewport.
  • SetDebugFile - Changes path and filename of the debug file in which the engine writes in.
  • SetDebugMode - Enables/Disables the debug mode for debug writing.
  • SetEngineMode - Changes screen settings.
  • SetGeneralSpeed - Changes the timing factor of all “time lapsed” functions.
  • SetLicenseKey - Used to enable Beta DLL’s
  • SetREFMode - For debugging purposes only, enables the Reference Rasterizer (software rendering, very slow)
  • SetRefreshMode - Sets the refresh mode (or RenderToScreen mode) of the engine.
  • SetSearchDirectory - Sets the default path/directory in which the engine will look for files.
  • SetShadowMandatory - Forces the engine to be able to use shadows after it’s initialized.
  • SetShadowParameters - Changes the global parameters of stencil shadows.
  • SetViewport - Sets the current viewport.
  • SetVSync - Enables/Disables Vertical Synchronisation.
  • SetWatermarkParameters - Changes the parameters of the watermark.
  • SetWindowTitle - Changes the title of the internal window.
  • ShowDriverDialog - Shows the driver dialog and store the selected values chosen by user.
  • ShowWinCursor - Show/Hide the windows cursor.
  • TickCount - Returns the number of milliseconds elapsed from the start of the computer.
  • TimeElapsed - Gets the delay between the last frame render and this frame render.


// A New TVEngine Instance
TVEngineClass MyEngine = new TVEngine();
  // A New TVEngine Instance
  { Public declarations }
   TV: TTVEngine;
   TV := TTVEngine.Create(self);
' A New TVEngine Instance
Private MyEngine As TrueVision3D.TVEngine = New TrueVision3D.TVEngine
  // A new CTVEngine instance
  CTVEngine * MyEngine = new CTVEngine;
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