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Loads and manages the various texture types used by the engine (Diffuse, Bump, Alpha, DUDV).



' Force explicit declarations
Option Explicit
' We declare the variables.
Public TFactory As TVTextureFactory
' Declare new TVTextureFactory Object
Set TFactory = New TVTextureFactory


' TV Variables 
Public TFactory As TVTextureFactory
' Declare new TVTextureFactory Object
TFactory = New TVTextureFactory








  • TODO


Method Description
AddAlphaChannel Short description of AddAlphaChannel
ConvertNormalMap Short description of ConvertNormalMap
CreateTexture Short description of CreateTexture
CreateTextureCycle Short description of CreateTextureCycle
DeleteAllTextures Deletes all the textures currently in the texture factory.
DeleteTexture Deletes the texture using the index passed.
GetActiveCount Short description of GetActiveCount
GetFreeTextureMemory Short description of GetFreeTextureMemory
GetPixel Short description of GetPixel
GetTextureCount Short description of GetTextureCount
GetTextureDC Short description of GetTextureDC
GetTextureInfo Returns information about the texture using the texture index passed.
GetTextureRefCount Short description of GetTextureRefCount
GetUsedTextureMemory Short description of GetUsedTextureMemory
LoadAlphaTexture Load a texture that will be used for the alpha layers of meshes/terrains.
LoadBumpTexture Load a texture that will be used for the bumpmapping of meshes/terrains.
LoadCubeTexture Loads a special cube-texture that is used for cubic-enviorment reflections.
LoadDUDVTexture Short description of LoadDUDVTexture
LoadTexture Loads a normal texture from disk into the TVTextureFactory.
LoadVolumeTexture Short description of LoadVolumeTexture
LockTexture Short description of LockTexture
ReleaseTextureDC Short description of ReleaseTextureDC
ResetCycle Short description of ResetCycle
SaveTexture Used to save a texture from the TextureFactory to a file.
SetCycleProperties Short description of SetCycleProperties
SetPixel Short description of SetPixel
SetTextureMode Sets the depth mode of the textures.
SetTexturePathStorage Short description of SetTexturePathStorage
UnlockTexture Short description of UnlockTexture

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