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The TVScreen2DText class provides the methods for writing 2D text to the screen.



' TV Variables.
Public TV2DText As TVScreen2DText
' We set our reference to TVScreen2DText. 
TV2DText = New TVScreen2DText




  • TODO


Method Description
Action_BeginText Begins the render of the text.
Action_EndText Ends the render of the text.
Font_Delete Deletes the created font from the memory.
Font_DeleteAll Deletes the created fonts from the memory.
GetIndex Short description of GetIndex
NormalFont_Create Creates a normal font.
NormalFont_DrawText Draw text using the specifed normal font.
NormalFont_DrawTextUnicode Short description of NormalFont_DrawTextUnicode
NormalFont_GetFontByName Short description of NormalFont_GetFontByName
NormalFont_GetTextSize Short description of NormalFont_GetTextSize
NormalFont_GetTextSizeUnicode Short description of NormalFont_GetTextSizeUnicode
SetIndex Short description of SetIndex
TextureFont_Create Creates a new texture font.
TextureFont_CreateCustom Creates a custom TextureFont.
TextureFont_DrawBillboardText Draws a billboard text in the 3d scene using the specified font texture.
TextureFont_DrawText Draws a text using the specified texture font (represented by a name).
TextureFont_DrawTextEx Draws a text using the specified texture font, using a special rendering matrix in 3D.
TextureFont_DrawTextScaled Short description of TextureFont_DrawTextScaled
TextureFont_GetFontByName Short description of TextureFont_GetFontByName
TextureFont_GetFontData Short description of TextureFont_GetFontData
TextureFont_GetTextSize Computes the width and the height of a text that would be displayed with the speficied font.
TextureFont_GetTexture Returns the texture index in the TextureFactory of the specifed texture font.
TextureFont_Load Loads a TextureFont from disk.
TextureFont_Save Saves a TextureFont to disk.

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