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The TVScreen2DImmediate class methods provide direct(2D) painting on the screen.





' We the declare the variables
Public Scr As TVScreen2DImmediate 
' We the declare the TVScreen2DImmediate object.
Scr = New TVScreen2DImmediate








  • TODO


Method Description
Action_Begin2D Starts a section with 2D rendering.
Action_End2D Finishes the section for 2D rendering.
Action_RecordDelete Short description of Action_RecordDelete
Action_RecordEnd Short description of Action_RecordEnd
Action_RecordStart Short description of Action_RecordStart
Delete_Background Removes the background that has been loaded.
Draw_Background Manually draws the background on the screen.
Draw_Box Draws a box on the screen.
Draw_Box3D Draws a 3D box on the screen.
Draw_Box3DEx Draws a 3D box with extended parameters on the screen.
Draw_Circle Draws a circle on the screen.
Draw_Custom Short description of Draw_Custom
Draw_CustomWithShader Short description of Draw_CustomWithShader
Draw_Ellipse Short description of Draw_Ellipse
Draw_FilledBox Draws a filled box on the screen.
Draw_FilledCircle Draws a filled circle on the screen.
Draw_FilledEllipse Short description of Draw_FilledEllipse
Draw_FilledTriangle Short description of Draw_FilledTriangle
Draw_FullscreenQuadWithShader Short description of Draw_FullscreenQuadWithShader
Draw_Line Draws a line on the screen.
Draw_Line3D Draws a 3d line in the world.
Draw_Point Draws a point to the screen.
Draw_QuadWithShader Short description of Draw_QuadWithShader
Draw_Recorded Short description of Draw_Recorded
Draw_RollOver Draws one texture on the screen, and changes texture when the mouse is over the rect.
Draw_RollOverEx Same as Draw_RollOver, but has extended parameters.
Draw_Sprite Short description of Draw_Sprite
Draw_SpriteScaled Short description of Draw_SpriteScaled
Draw_Texture Draws a texture or a part of a texture on the screen.
Draw_TextureRotated Draws a rotated texture or a part of a rotated texture on the screen.
Draw_TextureRotatedEx Same as Draw_TextureRotated, but with extended parameters.
Draw_Triangle Short description of Draw_Triangle
GetIndex Short description of GetIndex
Load_Background Loads a bitmap as a background.
Math_3DPointTo2D Computes the projection of the 3d point (in world space) on the 2d screen.
SetIndex Short description of SetIndex
Settings_GetAlphaBlendingEx Short description of Settings_GetAlphaBlendingEx
Settings_GetAlphaTest Short description of Settings_GetAlphaTest
Settings_GetTextureFilter Short description of Settings_GetTextureFilter
Settings_Set3DLineParameters Short description of Settings_Set3DLineParameters
Settings_SetAlphaBlending Changes the alphablending mode for the 2D drawings.
Settings_SetAlphaBlendingEx Same as Settings_SetAlphaBlending, but with extended parameters.
Settings_SetAlphaTest Changes the alpha test and reference for the 2d drawings.
Settings_SetAutoDrawBackground Changes the background render mode.
Settings_SetClamping Enables/Disables clamping for the texture operations.
Settings_SetTextureFilter Changes the texture filtering for 2d drawing.

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