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A Render Surface is a rectagonal drawing surface to which you can draw just like when drawing to the screen. It can be used for drawing 2D elements and/or using a camera to draw 3D views. Once it is drawn to, it can be displayed on the screen, or used as a texture on your models.



Dim YourRenderSurface As TVRenderSurface
YourRenderSurface = Scene.CreateRenderSurface(640,480)


  • The render surface can be created with an alpha channel for transparency using the TVScene.CreateAlphaRenderSurface
  • Some video cards only support power of 2 sizes, and attempting to create non-power-of-2 sized RSs will cause them to be created with the nearest larger power-of-2 size.
  • All RenderSurfaces are created and kept in VRAM until destroyed. Creating too many will slow down your rendering because of lower VRAM capacity.


Method Description
BltFromMainBuffer Copies the contents of the main buffer to the render surface.
BltFromRenderSurface Copies the contents of another render surface to this one
CreateStaticCubeMapFromRenderSurface Creates a cube map
CreateStaticTextureFromRenderSurface Converts this render surface to a texture
Destroy Removes the render surface from memory and index
EndCubeRender Ends rendering of cube map
EndRender Ends 2d/3d rendering of this render surface
GetCamera Returns the camera being used for this render surface
GetHeight Returns the height of this render surface
GetIndex Returns the index number of the render surface
GetTexture Returns a pointer which can be used as a texture to display this render surface
GetTextureEx Short description of GetTextureEx
GetWidth Returns the width of this render surface
SaveTexture Saves this RS to texture on the hard disk
SetBackgroundColor Sets the colour which fills the RS when it is cleared
SetCamera Sets the camera which renders to this RS
SetCubeMapMatrix Sets the matrix for the cube map
SetCubeMapProperties Sets various properties for the cube map rendering
SetDepthBufferClear Short description of SetDepthBufferClear
SetIndex Sets the index number
SetNewCamera Sets the RS to be rendered to from the specified camera
SetSystemMemCopy Designates if this RS will be allowed to copy to the system memory (RAM)
StartCubeRender Begins the rendering of cube map
StartRender Begins 2d/3d rendering of this render surface


Method Description
CreateRenderSurface Creates a render surface of specified size without alpha
CreateRenderSurfaceEx Creates a render surface of specified size without alpha (newer method)
CreateAlphaRenderSurface Creates a render surface of specified size with alpha
CreateMultiRenderSurface Creates a multi render surface for use with shaders
CreateCubeRenderSurface Creates a render surface with the format for rendering cube maps

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