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The TVGameControllers class provides the methods to use multiple gamecontrollers in your game.



' TV Variables.
Public GameControllers As TVGameControllers
' Set New objects.
GameControllers = New TVGameControllers




  • TODO


Method Description
Clear Removes all the TVGameController objects from the collection.
Count Returns the number of game controllers installed on the machine.
GetController Short description of GetController
GetControllerByInstanceName Short description of GetControllerByInstanceName
GetControllerByName Short description of GetControllerByName
GetControllerByProductName Short description of GetControllerByProductName
GetControllers Loads all the Installed controllers on the system into the collection.
GetIndex Gets the Index of the TVGameControllers in the collection.
Item Returns a specific game controller member of the collection.
Remove Removes a TVGameController object from the controllers collection.
RemoveEx Same as Remove, but has extended parameters.
SetIndex Sets the Index of the TVGameControllers in the collection.

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