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' Force explicit declarations
Option Explicit
' We declare the variables.
Public TV As TVEngine
' Create the TV Interface first:
Set TV = New TVEngine


  ' TV Variables
    Public TV As TVEngine
  ' Create the TV Interface first:
    TV = New TVEngine




private MTV3D65.TVEngine EngineControl 
public  MTV3D65.TVEngine _tvEngineControl 
get {return this.EngineControl }
set {this.EngineControl  = valse;}
//in the code use 
 _tvEngineControl = new TVEngine();
//you can Get it as Member to WPF external Control 
//or as a dependency Object 
public MTV3D65.TVEngine EngineControl 
  get { return (MTV3D65.TVEngine)GetValue(EngineControl Property); }
  set { SetValue(EngineControl Property, value); }
// Using a DependencyProperty as the backing store for EngineControl .  This enables animation, styling, binding, etc...
public static readonly DependencyProperty EngineControl Property = DependencyProperty.Register("EngineControl ", typeof(MTV3D65.TVEngine), typeof(ownerclass), new UIPropertyMetadata(null));


CTVEngine* pTV;
HWND hWnd;
pTV = new CTVEngine();
hWnd = GetSafeHwnd();
pTV->Init3DWindowed( hWnd );
pTV->DisplayFPS( true );
// Use this on render function
pTV->Clear( false );


  • TODO


Method Description
AccurateTimeElapsed Returns the number of milliseconds passed since the last time it was called.
AddSearchDirectory Adds a directory where the engine should by default search for files without complete paths.
AddToLog Draws a string of text to the specified debug output text file.
AllowMultithreading Enables the engine to work with multithreading applications.
Clear Clears the back buffer.
ClearDepthBuffer Clears only the depth buffer.
ClearSearchDirectories Removes all of the specified search directories.
CreateViewport Creates a new viewport that can be rendered to.
DisplayFPS Enables/disables displaying the frames per second counter.
EnableProfiler Enables/disables the default TV3D profiler.
EnableSmoothTime Enables certain time keeping functions to operate more accurately.
GetAngleSystem Returns the angle system currently in use.
GetCamera Return the current Camera object in use
GetFPS Get the average Frames per Second
GetIndex Short description of GetIndex
GetInternalShaderVersion Short description of GetInternalShaderVersion
GetShaderProfile Short description of GetShaderProfile
GetVideoMode Get the values of the video mode currently used by the engine.
GetViewport Return the current Viewport object.
Init3DFullscreen Initialize Engine in fullscreen
Init3DNoRender Initialize Engine without any screen handle associated
Init3DWindowed Initialize Engine in window mode
IsFullscreen Check if is rendering in fullscreen
ReleaseAll Release all allocated objects
RemoveSearchDirectory Short description of RemoveSearchDirectory
RenderToOtherHWND Redirect the render to other window handle
RenderToScreen Present all rendered objects to screen
ResizeDevice Short description of ResizeDevice
Screenshot Take a Screenshot from last rendered screen and save to file
SetAngleSystem Switch between using the Degrees or Radial angular measurement system
SetAntialiasing Short description of SetAntialiasing
SetCamera Set a new camera object
SetDebugFile Set where to find the debug file on your system.
SetDebugMode Set the debug file/options so it can log any errors found during init.
SetEffectCompileMode Short description of SetEffectCompileMode
SetFPUPrecision Short description of SetFPUPrecision
SetIndex Short description of SetIndex
SetInitAdapter Short description of SetInitAdapter
SetInternalShaderVersion Short description of SetInternalShaderVersion
SetLicenseFile Short description of SetLicenseFile
SetMainBufferAlpha Short description of SetMainBufferAlpha
SetREFMode Short description of SetREFMode
SetSearchDirectory Sets the new default path/directory in which the engine will look files at first.
SetViewport Short description of SetViewport
SetVSync Short description of SetVSync
SetWatermarkParameters Short description of SetWatermarkParameters
SetWindowTitle Short description of SetWindowTitle
ShowWinCursor Short description of ShowWinCursor
SwitchFullscreen Short description of SwitchFullscreen
SwitchWindowed Short description of SwitchWindowed
TickCount Get the number of miliseconds since the OS was started
TimeElapsed Short description of TimeElapsed

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