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The Camera class can be used to control the main viewport, or it can be used for a variety of other things such as render surfaces and multiple viewports, and is mainly managed by the CameraFactory class.



Dim Camera As TVCamera
'EX1: Get main viewport camera
Camera = Scene.GetCamera
'EX2: Add new camera
Camera = CameraFactory.CreateCamera("CameraName")




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Method Description
AttachTo Attaches the camera to the specified node.
ChaseCamera Follows a specified mesh.
ChaseCameraActor Follows a specified actor.
ChaseCameraMatrix Follows a specified matrix.
Destroy Unloads the actor from memory.
GetBasisVectors Returns the forward, top and right basis vectors that represent the camera’s current orientation.
GetCameraIndex Returns the index of this camera.
GetDirection Returns the direction vector the camera is facing.
GetFrontPosition Returns a vector the specified distance in front of the camera.
GetFrustumPlanes Returns the planes of the camera’s view frustum.
GetFrustumPoints Returns the points of the camera’s view frustum.
GetIndex Returns the unique index of this camera object.
GetLookAt Returns the point the camera is looking at.
GetMatrix Returns the object matrix of the camera.
GetName Returns the camera name.
GetPathCurrentNode Returns the path node the camera is currently on.
GetPosition Returns the position of the camera.
GetProjectionMatrix Returns the projection matrix of the camera.
GetQuaternion Returns the quaternion of the camera.
GetRotation Returns the rotation angles of the camera.
GetRotationMatrix Returns the rotation matrix of the camera.
GetTag Returns the tag of the object.
GetUserData Returns the user data stored in the object.
GetViewFrustum Returns the view distance and angle of the camera.
GetViewMatrix Returns the view matrix.
GetWorldPosition Returns the world position of a vector relative to the camera.
IsBoxVisible Returns whether a box is visible to the camera.
IsPointVisible Returns whether a point is visible to the camera.
IsSphereVisible Returns whether a sphere is visible to the camera.
LookAtMesh Makes the camera look at a mesh.
MoveRelative Moves the camera relative to its location.
OccQuery_BeginShort description of OccQuery_Begin?
OccQuery_DrawBoxShort description of OccQuery_DrawBox?
OccQuery_DrawBoxExShort description of OccQuery_DrawBoxEx?
OccQuery_DrawQuadShort description of OccQuery_DrawQuad?
OccQuery_EndShort description of OccQuery_End?
OccQuery_GetDataShort description of OccQuery_GetData?
OccQuery_GetMaxQueriesShort description of OccQuery_GetMaxQueries?
OccQuery_Init Initializes camera occlusion queries.
ResetPath Resets the camera to a specified position on its path.
RotateAroundMesh Rotates the camera around a mesh.
RotateAxis Rotates the camera around a point.
RotateX Rotates the camera around the x axis.
RotateY Rotates the camera around the y axis.
RotateZ Rotates the camera around the z axis.
SetCamera Sets the position and look at of the camera.
SetCameraIndex Sets the index of the camera.
SetCustomAspectRatio Sets a custom aspect ratio to the camera.
SetCustomProjection Sets a custom projection matrix to the camera.
SetIndex Sets the index of this camera.
SetLookAt Sets the look at point of the camera.
SetMatrix Sets the camera matrix.
SetName Sets the camera name.
SetParent Sets the attachment parent of the camera.
SetPath Sets the path the camera travels on.
SetPathSpeed Sets the speed to travel along the path.
SetPosition Sets the camera position.
SetProjectionClipPlane Sets a custom projection clipping plane to the camera.
SetQuaternion Sets the camera quaternion.
SetRotation Sets the camera rotation angles.
SetRotationMatrix Sets the camera rotation matrix.
SetTag Sets the tag of the object.
SetUserData Sets the user data stored in the object.
SetViewFrustum Sets the view distance and angle of the camera.
SetViewIsometric Sets an isometric view based on specified parameters.
SimpleFollowing Follows a mesh at a specified position relative to it.
SimpleFollowingActor Follows an actor at a specified position relative to it.
SimpleFollowingMatrix Follows a matrix at a specified position relative to it.

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