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If anyone has some other suggestions, please feel free stating them here.

  • Please use the templates when creating a new page. It helps keep a consistent and familiar way to recognize how information is layed out.
  • Although you can create as many examples, please do not post huge code segments of your projects as it may confuse the readers. Remember that examples are made for people that don’t know how to use Truevision3D.
  • Comment the code you provide and also provide a brief explanation as to what your code does.
  • The TIP section should contain pointers and hints regarding quirks of the method or some peculiarities of the parameters and NOT your personal experiences from past projects.
  • By all means, if there are any inconsistencies or some information is wrong, please correct it or delete it. However, since this wiki is community maintained, please be very discreet when doing so.
  • THIS IS NOT the place to get recognized so do not go signing the pages you’ve created or contributed to.
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