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- These are the types which dictate how the fog fades objects on the screen together with the appropriate fog mode.


TV_FOGTYPE_PIXEL 0 Fog per pixel mode. This means that a straight line right in front of the camera will form the end distance of the fog. This results in objects to the left and right edges of the screen to be visible at higher distances from the camera than those in the middle of the screen.
TV_FOGTYPE_RANGE 1 In this mode the fog end distance (where no more pixels are visible) is in a circle around the camera. This means there is no straight “line” of fog end in front of the user, which otherwise causes the sides of the camera view to have a higher fog distance in effect. This is just more realistic and better.
TV_FOGTYPE_VERTEX 2 Per-vertex fog. Probably a little faster, but edgy looking. In some cases it will do just fine. Objects on side of screen more visible like in Pixel mode.


  • None.
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