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-Sets how the objects on the screen are affected by the fog based on their distance from camera.


TV_FOG_LINEAR 3 Object at start distance is fully visible, object at end distance is fully fogged. Inbetween them, the amount of fog on the object is increased in a linear fashion from start to end range. The Start and End range are set using TVAtmosphere.Fog_SetParameters, and the Density parameter isn’t used
TV_FOG_EXP 1 Here instead of asking the boundary of fog, we specify the density (in TVAtmosphere.Fog_SetParameters). The mist will increase exponentially with increasing distance from the camera.
TV_FOG_EXP2 2 Same like EXP only the fog increases twice as fast, resulting in a more abrupt fog appearance on far objects. Also uses only the Density parameter in Fog_SetParameters


  • None.
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