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- This enumeration is used to determine the blending modes of a mesh or 2D rendering operation in the BlendingModeEx functions:


TV_BLENDEX_DESTALPHA7Uses the alpha of the destination.
TV_BLENDEX_INVDESTALPHA8Uses the inverse alpha of the destination.
TV_BLENDEX_INVSRCALPHA6Uses the inverse alpha of the source.
TV_BLENDEX_INVSRCCOLOR4Uses the inverse color of the source.
TV_BLENDEX_ONE2Uses one as blending factor.
TV_BLENDEX_SRCALPHA5Uses the alpha of the source.
TV_BLENDEX_SRCCOLOR3Uses the color of the source.
TV_BLENDEX_ZERO1Uses zero as blending factor.


  • See D3DBLEND in the DirecX 9 Documentation for more information about blending modes.
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