Getting started with Visual C# 2005 Express

1. Download and register your free C# compiler from Microsoft.

2. Install the TrueVision SDK Full version. Select C# support files. You may deselect VB and Delphi or any other languages you have a compiler for.

Launch Visual C#. You can close the web browser window which appears in the middle of your application if you like.

Go to File / Open Project

If you installed TrueVision in the default location, you will find a folder called TV3DSDK located on your main Hard Drive.

Open the following file:

\TV3DSDK\C#\Tutorials\A0 - C# Template\A0 - Template.csproj

Visual C# asks if you want to convert the file. Fine. Save a backup? Sure, why not.

A confusing file with nothing opens. No matter where you look, there doesn’t seem to be any code anywhere! $@%(&+^$%#(&! You will find it cleverly concealed in the Solution Explorer window. If you don’t see the Solution Explorer, go to View / Solution Explorer. To get to the hidden code, right click on Form1.cs in the Solution Explorer and select View Code.

This is the construct. It does nothing, basically. It is like a blank page. To see the application, go to Debug / Start Without Debugging ( or Ctrl F5 )

Now go back and actually read the code. Yes, especially all the lengthy comments. Don’t try to understand it yet. Just absorb it. Now open up the next project in the tutorials folder. Compile it to see what it does and read the code. Observe what is different, and what is the same. Continue to do so with all the tutorials. Before long you will start to recognize patterns, and bits and pieces of code will actually start to mean something. Start playing with the numbers and see if you can improvise your own variations. Remember we saved a backup when we started so don’t worry about breaking anything. You can find the original in a new folder called backup.

Remember that most of the documentation is contained in the comments within the code itself. If you go to the forums and ask a dumb question that is already explained in the code, you will get flamed. Before posting a question, use the search feature to see if someone else may have already asked a similar question. If all else fails, feel free to post your question on the forum :)

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