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Welcome again, hope you all enjoyed the first tutorial for creating vehicles in Truevision3D. I have now created a project to take the vehicle physics even further, with the introduction of the gearbox and Pizzayoyo’s PXME maps this project has a whole new angle.

Here is a complete project for you to have a look at. There is still much work and research to be done on creating the perfect driving simulation/game but here is a good place to start.

I hope you all enjoy and learn something from my many months researching this area of Truevision3D.


Download the full Vehicle Starter Kit project here Vehicle Starter Kit Gearbox

You will also need the FMOD sound installed so i placed it here for you. FMOD Sound Installer

FMOD Note: Extract the FMOD installer and run the default setup.



  • Up/Down Arrows Accellerate/Brake
  • Left/Right Arrows Turn Left/Right
  • C Change Camera Angle
  • T Switch between Manual and Automatic Gears
  • O Reset Vehicle at Current Location
  • P Reset Vehicle to Starting Position
  • A Gear Shift Up
  • Z Gear Shift Down
  • H Horn (sorry had to be done)
  • CTRL Handbrake
  • Left Shift Allow acceleration with full power (use with Up Arrow)
  • Esc Menu
  • F12 Exit/Quit
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