Matrices And You

I know, I’ve been there too. Matrices are scary. They’re like, a grid of incromprehensible numbers that do stuff on your meshes... There’s even a movie series that mysticized them. And googling on the subject can sometimes just increase the fear. Augh, mathematical notation! BRACKETS and ITALICS!

Besides, usual math sites tend to try to instruct you a lot more than you need to do nice 3d applications. Hopefully, this article will convince you that once you do get them, there’s a lot more to get from matrices.

The tutorial is now split in three parts for clarity.

Part 1 : What are they?

Part 2 : Behind 3D Transformations

Part 3 : Practical Uses

Disclaimer : I am no math teacher. I’m a student, I suck at calculus, but I’m pretty good at linear algebra. Feel free to delete parts of my babbling if it’s baseless and doesn’t mean anything.

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