TrueVision3D SDK Project Wizard for Visual C# 2005


If you are tired of cloning the C# template sub directory found in the SDK and renaming files, namespaces and classes when you just want to create a new TV3D-based project, this wizard is for you.

It leverages the creation of new TrueVision3D projects inside Visual C# 2005 Express Edition or Visual Studio 2005, as you only have to do « File/New Project/C#/TrueVision3D/TrueVision3D SDK 6.5 Minimal Application » and choose a project name.

Getting the installer

The latest version is always found at .

The installer is called tv3d65-csharp2005-wizard-vVERSION.exe while its source (for recreating a new installer binary with Inno Setup) comes in a ZIP archive called

Installing the wizard

Simply download the installer and run it. It will ask you to either choose or confirm the location of your Visual C# user templates folder and TV3D’s managed DLL.

When the installer exits, and if it hasn’t issued an error, you’re done. You can launch Visual C#, and create a new project of type C#/TrueVision3D/TrueVision3D SDK 6.5 Minimal Application !

Contributing (aka Getting famous and loved by the n00bs)

If you have written a small demo or a full-featured game for TV3D and C# and you would like to give its source code to the community so that newcomers can learn from your code and build new projects upon it, contact me at “julien dot cayzac at gmail dot com” so that I can see if I can turn your demo into a project wizard and release a new version of this installer!

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