Tutorials, Articles, and Examples

3D Art and Asset Development (General Info)


  • "FMOD" by Lyrical First step in sound effects C#

Characters, Animation, and Equipment

Effects, Materials, Lighting, and Rendering

  • "Programming HLSL Shaders" by Zaknafein - Zaknafein offers a 5-part introduction to HLSL shader programming. Includes a tutorial to help you program a sample Blinn-Phong Reflection shader.
  • "Using TV3D's Water Shader Effect" by Pizzayoyo using TV3D 6.5 - Pizzayoyo explains how to properly set up and customize TV3D 6.5’s built in water shader effect.
  • "Using Render Surfaces for Special Effects" by Javin using TV3D - Javin shows the reader how to use render surfaces to easily accomplish special effects, and includes examples.
  • "Introduction to Materials in TV3D" by Javin using TV3D - Javin explains materials: a crucial element that is usually overlooked by novice developers. Includes plenty of sample code.
  • "Light Attenuation" by Vuli using TV3D - Vuli explains what Light Attenuation is, and how to use it.
  • "How to _______ in TV3D 6.5" by Pavel using TV3D 6.5 - Pavel introduces many of TV3D 6.5’s new features: water reflections, the glow effect, depth-of-field, bump and normal mapping, and custom shader support..
  • "Introduction to Shaders" by BlindSide - BlindSide introduces us to the wonderful world of shaders.

Environments and Scenery

Game Design and Development

Input, Joysticks, and Controllers

Math, Physics, and Programming Techniques

Networking, Multiplayer, and Multi-User

Categorization and Organization

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