Welcome to the Shared Tools and Assets catalogue! Here, TV3D users keep track of the useful things they have made and want to share with other TV3D developers for free (or for a reasonable price). Your contributions are appreciated! Just add your tool or asset to the list, then create its page with download information and any terms of use you would like to apply.

If your asset doesn’t seem to fit in any of the listed categories, feel free to make a new category for it. Remember, though: this page is designed for objects that developers can immediately plug into their projects and use. Written articles, example programs, multi-component demos that happen to include source code, and tutorials that happen to include test assets or source code should all be listed under the “Tutorials, Articles, and Examples” section of the main index, not here.

Contribution Formats

Assets *[[STA_3D:"Asset Name"]] by **Author** - //COST// - A description of the 3d assets or textures, including the download formats available.
Plugins *[[STA_Plugin:"Plugin Name"]] by **Author** - //COST// - A description of the plugin's purpose.
Shaders *[[STA_Shader:"Shader Name"]] by **Author** - //COST// - A description of the shader.
Source Code *[[STA_Source:"Code Title"]] by **Author** - //COST// - A description of the code's purpose and the language(s) it is available in.
Tools / Applications *[[STA_Tool:"Tool Name"]] by **Author** - //COST// - A description of the application.

3D Assets and Textures

  • This catalogue is currently empty!

Plugins, Scripts, and DLLs

  • TrueVision3D SDK Project Wizard for Visual C Sharp 2005 by jcak77 - FREE - A wizard for creating new TrueVision3D projects inside Visual C# 2005 Express Edition or Visual Studio 2005, by simply clicking doing « File/New Project/C#/TrueVision3D/TrueVision3D SDK 6.5 Minimal Application » and choosing a cool project name.


  • "Normal Map Normalizer" by Fex - Free, credit appreciated - A shader that normalizes the lighting vectors represented by each pixel as it is being rendered.
  • "Wavy Underwater" by vsleepy - Free, credit appreciated - A fullscreen shader that tints a scene blue and causes the whole scene to wave back and forth, as if you were underwater.
  • "Radial Blur" by vsleepy - Free, credit appreciated - A fullscreen shader based on NVidia’s radial blur shader. Great for emulating tunnel vision at high speeds.
  • "Soft Lighting Pixel Shader" by JukkaKevät based on work by GD - Free, credit appreciated - A lighting shader that scatters and smooths light for a more ambient, natural feel.

Source Code

  • "FFT Audio Filter" by Murphy McCauley - Free, credit appreciated - An FFT Audio Filter in Visual Basic.
  • "texBaker" by Fex - Free, credit appreciated - This code will bake multiple texture ‘layers’ down into a single texture.

Tools and Applications

  • "TVColor Finder" by analyis_junky - Free, credit appreciated - A utility that allows you to pick colors in Photoshop-esque fashion.
  • CamStudio by ? - free, open source - A utility that screen captures video
  • AviScreen Classic by - free - A utility that screen captures video
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