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Recommended Reading

3D Art and Animation

Artificial Intelligence

Audio Engines

Audio and Music


File Formats

Game Design

  • Game Architecture and Design by Andrew Rollings and Dave Morris, ISBN 0-7357-1363-4
    • Fex: “A collection of very useful information regarding many aspects of game design: from the biggest and most important questions to the minutia and details of game code and structure.”

GUI and UI Design


Beginning Game Level Design - By John Feil and Marc Scattergood - ISBN: 1-59200-434-2




Scene Editing


  • 3D Game Textures: Create Professional Game Art Using Photoshop by Luke Ahearn , ISBN 0-240807-68-5
    • tv_user: “A tutorial for beginning game artists and enthusiasts to learn how to create textures at the professional level.” - using ONLY Photoshop! I totally recomend this one if you’re into modelling and texturing!
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